To promote the interests and achievements of ALBA Alumni.


To create a positive impact on the Greek business community and on society in general.


Alba Alumni Association was founded in 1994 and ever since has been organizing events, such as seminars (“Learning for Life”), excursions and numerous other activities aiming to bring together Alumni and produce networking effects.

Today, Alba Alumni Association has reached almost 1000 members.

The first Newsletter was called “The Channel”; it was a quarterly publication of approximately 10 pages, which contained all information regarding the actions of our Association, professors’ articles, social news, gathering invitations, a note from the editing team and ALBA’s Graduate Business School updates. It was published for 2 years (1996 to 1998).

Alba Alumni Association organizes annually at least 3 major networking events, one or two “Learning for Life” Seminars and continues to introduce initiatives that enhance the Alba Alumni Spirit.

Current BoD:

03/2017 - 03/2019
President: Mr. Konstantinos M. Karamichalis (P-MBA 8)
Vice-President: Ms Nadia Gogozotou (P-MBA 8)
Secretary: Ms Maria Atmatzidou
Treasurer: Mr. Faedon Antonakopoulos (P-MBA 12)
Member: Mr. Nikos Karambinis
Member: Ms Christina Papachristopoulou
Member: Mr. Alex Derventzas (P-MBA 8)

Previous BoD:


During this period the constitution of the BoD was as follows:
President: Mr. Manos Dimitropoulos (P-MBA 3)
Vice-President: Mr. Konstantinos M. Karamichalis (P-MBA 8)
Secretary:         Mr. Alexandros Kostiroglou (P-MBA 8)
Treasurer:         Mrs Olympia Anastasopoulou (MBA 7)
Member:            Mr. Alex Derventzas (P-MBA 8)
Member:            Mr. Nikos F. Giannousas (MBA 5)


During this period the constitution of the BoD was as follows:
President:          Mr. Panos Panayiotides (P-MBA 4)
Vice-President: Mr. Manos Dimitropoulos (P-MBA 3)
Secretary:         Mr. Lois Genitsarelis (MBA 9)
Treasurer:         Mrs Angela Katopodi (P-MBA 8)
Member:            Mr. Yiannis Koutrakis (MBA 4)
Member:            Mr. Konstantinos M. Karamichalis (P-MBA 8)
Member:            Mrs. Leda Papageorgiou (P-MBA 9)


During this period the constitution of the BoD was as follows:
President:          Mr. Panos Panayiotides (P-MBA 4)
Vice-President:  Mr. Manos Dimitropoulos (P-MBA 3)
Secretary:          Mr. Lois Genitsarelis (MBA 9)
Treasurer:          Mrs. Rania Dedousopoulou (MBA 4)
Member:             Mr. Yiannis Koutrakis (MBA 4)
Member:             Mr. Panayiotis Emmanouilides
Member:            Mr. Fotis Daoussis (P-MBA 2)


During this period the constitution of the BoD was as follows:
President :        Mr. Seraphim Voliotis (P-MBA 4)
Vice-President: Mr. Sergios Sarafopoulos (MBA 3)
Secretary:          Mrs. Stella Mariou (MBA 3)
Treasurer:          Mrs. Rania Dedousopoulou (MBA 4)
Member:            Mr. Panos Panayiotides (P-MBA 4)
Member :           Mr. Alexis Anastasiou (P-MBA 6)


  • To reinforce the social interaction and business networking among ALBA Alumni, 
    other Business Schools’ Alumni and the market
  • To increase the value and benefits of our members
  • To promote life-long learning to all ALBA Alumni