Learning for Life “Employment with no boarders- the Telecom Market”


The seminar took place at ALBA facilities on Saturday, December 2nd, 2006and it was conducted by the following guest speakers:

  • Yiannis Koulas, H.R. Sector –“NOKIA Hellas S.A.”
  • Konstantinos Zafiropoulos, Principal Consultant – “Stanton Chase Int.”
  • Dimitris Tsouroplis, H .R. Sector – “Vodafone Hellas S.A.”
  • Panagiotis Emmanouilides, H.R.  Sector –“Ericsson Hellas S.A.”

The agenda of the seminar covered the following subjects:

  • Short Introduction (Dimitris Tsouroplis, H.R. Sector -Vodafone S.A.)
  • “Executive Search Landscape- The truth is out there" (Konstantinos Zafiropoulos, Principal Consultant -Stanton Chase Int.)
  • “Development in an international organization” (Yiannis Koulas, H.R. Sector – Nokia Hellas)
  • Recruitment: What we are looking for" (Panagiotis Emmanouilides, HR Sector – Ericsson Hellas S.A.)
  • Panel Discussion – Q&As -Experience from other markets
  • Conclusions & Closing